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Personal Photography Project | June 10-on-10

In no particular order – here is our month in review – way more than 10 images… but it has been sooo nice out that we’ve been busy!

Lia…. being a silly goof, she loves Aubrey’s sparkle boots, even though they are 5 sizes too big. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to be stylish!
Photojournalistic family photography, fun pictures of girl playing


Fishing with the family in Mukwonago WI

Aubrey’s fish!!

Catching her first fish

taking a break…

enjoying summer, watching her big sister fish

Preschool fieldtrip to the Bear Den Zoo

Preschool field trip to the zoo, class picture

Excited about holding the chick…Holding a baby chick at the zoo

On second thought… maybe not

Not sure if holding the baby chick is such a good ideaAubrey loved the tiniest little goat, she kept trying to feed him.Found herself a new friend, the tiniest little goatHard at work… tractor time.The girls, driving their new battery powered john deere tractorNaughty girls… Lia will do anything she can to keep from getting in her carseat – Aubrey just instigates!

The Cindy Lou hairstyle is compliments of the girls in the Kids Clubhouse at the gym 🙂

Sister love, being silly with a goofy hairstyle

Walks to the park…

taking a walk to the park in the red wagon


goofy little girl, trying on mom

Waterpark Day with Great Grandma – I quick snapped a blurry cellphone picture before I was scolded because there are no cameras allowed?!?! What!!??? no cameras???

waterpark play time with great grandma

Playdates at the park, with friends

playdate at the park

No big deal, we have to hide everything from this little busy body!! She found the glitter nailpolish and decided she needed a mani…

painting her own nails with glitter nailpolishMore tractor time…driving the john deere tractor

We spent a morning at the Madison’s Farmers Market

pictures with asparagras at the madison farmers market

Enjoying some blueberry-pomegranate smoothies. Even though we usually make them for ourselves… sometimes you just need a treat! Cellphone selfie….

sharing mcdonalds smoothies

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!

celebrating daddy

Lia skinned her knee (again) so we all need popsicles to make it feel better!

orange popsicles outside

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